1. Insurance policies are contractual obligations between the Insurance company/ies& the Associate. In case, Associate opting for insurance, the claim/liability shall be between associate and the Insurance Company.
  2. The Insurance Company is responsible for policy issuance and claims settlement.
  3. All the correspondence by policy holder should be made directly with the Insurance Company on their toll free no. , official E Mail IDs or offices as mentioned in policy document. No correspondence to be made with The Journey King or its associate company in this regard
  4. The Journey King only provides linkage to transact with Insurance Company through its website to take insurance cover and as such assume no responsibility or liability in respect of said policy, under any circumstances.
  5. All information provided on the website is provided “As is“ and with no warranties. This Policy the Schedule and any Memoranda thereon shall be considered one document and any word or expression to which a specific meaning has been attached in any of them shall bear such meaning throughout.
  6. The scheme is applicable only for Indian Citizens only. Citizen of foreign countries are not eligible for this scheme.


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